Pampering Bliss Wax Melt Snapbar

Pampering Bliss Wax Melt Snapbar

Our Pampering Bliss Wax Melt Snapbar is a delight for your senses with the opulent allure of a decadent gourmand oriental fragrance. Unveiling its exquisite essence, it begins with top notes of succulent peach and apricot, mingling with the richness of luscious berries, refreshing bergamot, and the tantalizing sweetness of juicy guava.

As the heart unfolds, a captivating floral symphony emerges, featuring peony, lily of the valley, and jasmine, all embraced by a sweet foundation of vanilla, caramel, amber, and sandalwood.

Simply snap off a piece and let the long-lasting scent fill the room, creating a serene and peaceful ambience.

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