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How to clean a Wax Melter

So, you've been melting your favourite willow house wax melts, and now your ceramic wax melter is begging for a bit of love. No stress! We've got your back with a comprehensive guide on how to clean your ceramic wax melter and keep those fragrances coming in strong. 🌈✨

Gear Up!

Cleaning is like a superhero mission – you need the right tools:

  • 🧤 Gloves (keep those hands safe!)
  • 🩹 Patience (a crucial tool!)
  • 🧊 Freezer (yep, it’s part of the cleanup squad!)
  • 🧽 Soft cloth (like the one you use for spills)
  • 🧼 Mild soap (the kind you use for your hands)

Safety First

Okay, let's start with the safety dance:

  • Cool Off: Before we dive in, make sure your ceramic wax melter is cool. Safety first!
  • Glove Up: Slip on those gloves to keep your hands mess-free. Safety and style – double win!

Bye-Bye, Old Wax!

Let’s tackle the leftover wax situation:

  • Freeze Magic: Pop the ceramic dish in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes. Why? Freezing makes the wax hard, like a frozen treat you need to scoop out.
  • Cotton Ball Rescue: Use cotton balls to soak up the frozen wax. It’s like a superhero saving the day – slow and steady wins!
  • Warm & Wipe: Place a tealight into your ceramic wax burner. After a short period of time, you will be able to slide the solid wax melt out and wipe the dish town with cotton wool.

Suds and Suds

Now, it’s spa day for your ceramic melter:

  • Soap Solution: Mix a bit of mild soap with warm water – you're making a spa-like bath for your ceramic melter.
  • Soft Cloth Love: Dip a soft cloth into your soapy solution and give your ceramic melter a good wipe. It’s like giving it a spa day!

Details, Details

Get into the nooks and crannies:

  • Tiny Brush Time: Grab a small brush (think old toothbrush) to get into those tight spots. It’s like giving your ceramic melter a little massage.
  • Be Patient: Some spots might need extra love. Take your time – it’s all about the good vibes!

Maintenance Tips

Here’s how to be the MVP of ceramic melter maintenance:

  • Regular Clean Dates: Set up a regular cleaning schedule – your ceramic melter will thank you.
  • Quick Wipe-Downs: After each melt sesh, do a quick wipe-down. It’s like giving your ceramic melter a high-five!


And there you have it, team! Your ceramic wax melter is now sparkling clean and ready for more fragrance adventures. Cleaning might seem like a chore, but think of it as a spa day for your favourite scent buddy. So go ahead, keep those vibes flowing, and enjoy the sweet smell of success! 🚀🌟

Extra Tips and Q&A:

Troubleshooting Time:

Q: What if my ceramic melter has weird spots?

A: Don’t panic! Try re-cleaning, and if it persists, drop us a comment – we’ve got more tricks up our sleeves!

Q: How often should I clean it?

A: Aim for once a week for a happy, fragrant ceramic melter.

Q: Can I use other cleaning stuff?

A: Stick to mild soap to avoid any ceramic melter drama.

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